Tuesday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

The Halifax Jazz Festival is definitely getting a lot of love on my blog lately, but hey, who’s complaining?

Tuesday night was definitely a high energy night at the main Festival Tent, and for good reason. The two groups featured were full of flair and present their jazz and soul in a way that borrows from almost every type of music you can think of!

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Monday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

Monday was a super busy day for me with the Halifax Jazz Festival – at the main Festival Tent for the majority of the afternoon and back again that night for two more performers. When I was signing up to cover events, I just knew I had to be there for these performances!

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Monday Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of covering the Halifax Jazz Festival last week and I’ve finally grabbed a few minutes to blog about it.

One of the aspects of the school that I absolutely love is how many opportunities we get in the community. Each event covered is a major learning point in my career and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without those chances. I get to be exposed to numerous types of photography and challenging situations that really test my skill. It helps keep me fresh!

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Emily – Fredericton Portrait Photography

A little over a week or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with Emily on the St. Thomas University campus in Fredericton for a little photo shoot. After a week of almost non stop rain I was so excited to be outside shooting, even if it was a little overcast.

Emily and I attended High School together and she went on to take an arts degree at St. Thomas and is studying with the intention of becoming a librarian. It’s always kind of nice to see where the people you went to school with went and what they’ve been up to and Emily was no exception. She was beautiful and vibrant and down for any crazy idea that I might have.

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Planning, Proposals, More Planning – Brightest Dawn Photography

So I’d like to take some time today to let you know what I’ve been up to, some major positive changes, and what’s to come!

As some of you may know, I spent the last two weeks at home in Woodstock with my family and fiance due to it being a break between semesters. I can not begin to express how needed that break was! Sometimes just sitting at home with your dog can be the absolute best remedy for stress. The first week I was there wasn’t actually much like that at all, my youngest sister had her prom and graduation and boy, were we busy!! Shannon was absolutely radiant on her prom day and I was so proud to be there watching her and her date soak up the attention. Graduation was no different, and even though it was probably 100 degrees in that arena, I would sit through it all over again just to see her smile with her diploma. I know, I know, I’m a sap.

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Fashionably Late – Halifax Portrait Photography

The semester wound down way faster then I could ever expect and now I’m on to my last! Eeek!

Part of our course load this year included a lighting class, taught by the fantastic Liam Hennessey of Applehead Studios. A portion of our classes were made up of concept execution – basically being able to come up with an idea and complete it. Naturally, this was one of the components required for our final assignment.

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IWK Telethon Celebration – Halifax Events Photography

I never really realize how fast time flies until I check my blog and see that the last time that I posted was over a month ago!

Going to the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax has been really beneficial for me, not just for learning exactly what that weird button does on my camera, but because of the opportunities it has granted me. I was lucky to be asked to cover the IWK Telethon Celebration event at the Market a little while ago and I had a blast. The IWK Telethon is an amazing fundraiser that has loads of amazing volunteers who give up their time in an effort to raise funds to help those in need. I’m pretty sure most people can say that the IWK has helped someone they know and what better way to thank the IWK than helping someone else in return!

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Sunny Days – Brightest Dawn Photography

Hello All!

The semester is beginning to wind down and as such I’ve been pretty busy getting all of my school responsibilities looked after. It’s nuts to think that I will be finished in 3 months and then I’ll have to have a “real job” :P.

There have been some great things happening for me lately, both personally and professionally, that have really brought up my spirits towards this path that I’ve chosen. Sometimes it’s really scary to know that I hold all of my success or failure right in my hands – talk about massive amounts of pressure. I’m struggled with that mentality towards photography for a long time, but now that I’m starting to see some results it feels okay again!

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A busy week – Brightest Dawn Photography

These past couple weeks have just flown by, it’s kind of ridiculous. I’ve been working on a lot of school related projects, I’m currently sick, which blows, and I had a pretty awesome visit with Craig, my fiance. So I’ll just run through a couple things that I’ve been excited about in the past little while!

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing my first fashion show for Fashion SOS, an event that was put on with the intent of donating the proceeds towards the SOS Children’s Villages organization. There were a few hiccups along the way, but for the most part it was a fun way to test my low light skills. I also figured out that I probably couldn’t do photos for runways often because it’s such a weird thing to try to capture, especially when your models are super eager and can’t stay in one spot! Living and learning I guess you might say. I’ll be posting a separate blog post on this event!

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Justin & Amanda – Halifax Couples Photography

I have known Amanda and Justin for a few years, growing up in the same town, going to the same high school, and I’ve seen their high school dating flourish into a fantastic relationship. Both attend Dalhousie University, Amanda studying to be a nurse, Justin an engineer. I was so excited to be able to grab some shots of them last week as they are so happy, not to mention photogenic!

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