At Home – Chantal and Michael

Michael and Chantal are having a baby! We go together to take some photos in their cozy home so that they could share their big news with family and friends. I love love love at home sessions and this was no exception. Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

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Woodstock Family – Thomas Family

Sometimes you have people come into your life that you didn’t know you needed. The Thomas family are those kind of people.

Shooting photographs in freshly fallen snow is challenging. Throw in a baby and you’re almost asking for everything to go wrong. This session wasn’t like that. There was warm snuggles, beautiful light, and the sweetest baby.

Here are some of my favourites:

Carleton North Graduate – Taylor

Taylor stepped out of her car for her session and I knew immediately we were going to have a great time. She was funny, sweet, and had just found out she had been accepted to her university of choice! I love the images we made together and I just know she will excel at whatever life throws at her. Congratulations, Taylor!

Woodstock Graduate – Julia

Julia is a 2020 graduate from Woodstock who I had the pleasure of spending some time with last week. We had such a great time together and made some beautiful images. Here are some of my favourites.

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Woodstock Family – Peabody Family

The Peabody family met up with me in the fall. Brody needed grad photos and the whole family decided that they should have some portraits taken as well. They had NEVER had family photos taken! I don’t know why they waited so long, clearly they are a good-looking and loving family who absolutely knocked their session out of the park.

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Woodstock Family – Watson Family

Extended family sessions. Those three words can instantly strike terror into a photographers soul. Extended family sessions usually have more than 10 people, they almost always have little kids who don’t care to look at the camera, and there is always someone who blinks!

That being said, I actually kind of love big family sessions. It’s fun to get that one group shot where everyone is looking (and yelling “stinky cheese!”) and then break that family down into groups. I feel honoured every time I’m hired to do an extended family session because these types of photos are so rare for most families, usually because it’s hard to get everyone in the same room, let alone in front of a camera! These are the photos that will be pulled out at reunions for years to come and I hope that everyone will smile at the memory.

This is the Watson Family.

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Woodstock Engagement – Rachel and Bryan

Rachel and Bryan have the sweetest engagement story that involves a scavenger hunt full of clues, this gorgeous private waterfall, and a puzzle box handmade by Bryan. I was over the moon excited when they asked me to document their love and I’m so glad we got to incorporate some of their story right into the photographs. I cannot wait to watch them become man and wife!

Engagement photos are included with every wedding that I book for a couple of reasons. First, it’s honestly just easier to include them into your fee and second, it is so important for me to meet my couples ahead of time! Believe it or not, but your wedding photographer is the only person who will spend your entire wedding day beside you other than your future spouse. I will be there for the laughs and tears, and it’s so much easier for couples to be relaxed when their photographer isn’t a stranger. Plus, many of the poses or prompts I give couples will feel familiar, which makes grabbing wedding photos more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved. Make sure to touch base with your photographer about engagement photos, I promise you will not regret getting them!

Without further interruption, here are some of my favourites from my time with Rachel and Bryan.

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Fresh 48 – Ophelia

This family is very near and dear to my heart and I was so honoured to be asked to capture little O’s details, less than a day old. Every bit of her was and is absolutely perfect.

Fresh 48 sessions. Not something a lot of people think about or even want to do (who wants to be in a photo after just pushing a person out of their body?!) But I would argue that this type of session is so magical and vital in keeping a record of life.

Everything is new and raw after birth – you’re still getting to know the tiny human in the cot beside you, you’re hopped up on all those birth hormones, you’re tired, and probably a little scared of the thought of being allowed to take this baby home. Because of all that, it’s hard to soak up all the little details like the wrinkly and flakey skin, the soft fuzz that covers baby head to toe, and the tiny size that this human will quickly grow away from.

That’s where a fresh 48 session comes in. I can document your newborn, brand spanking new, while you rest. Capture their essence. Later, you can look back on all the photos and fall in love all over again with the precious human and have all the little details documented for you to remember over and over again.

Get in touch to book or gift a fresh 48 session. I promise you will not regret it.

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Woodstock Lifestyle – Cheney Family

I met up with the Cheney family on a snowy day shortly before Christmas. Julia had contacted me previously and had a great idea to make cookies with her girls for their session. I was all in!

Their home was filled with soft natural light and I swear, the entire kitchen looked like it was straight out of a magazine. Now, before you go thinking “I could never have a session like this, my house is messy/outdated/dark” let me just tell you that slightly out of each frame there is regular house and kid stuff, like toys and laundry. You don’t need a perfect space for this type of session, photography is a slightly magical art, and I am a master at hiding things ;).

Lifestyle sessions is a term that bombards most photography pages these days. Increasingly, I’m finding most clients don’t *actually* know what that means. This is lifestyle to me – none of these images were posed at all other than occasionally asking a parent to move to one side or another, I worked with the space and light provided, and this young family just enjoyed each other. The beauty of these types of sessions is in the mundane and they can be completely tailored to YOUR family.

We had such a great time making cookies together and in the process, I was able to grab some great images of this family just being together, having FUN. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Woodstock Family Session – The Johnstons

I have had the pleasure of working with this family numerous times now and each time we get together it gets better. Joseph is such a funny and busy little boy and I loved following him around for a little while. I’m sure you can see his spunky attitude coming out in these photos! Thank you, Johnston Family, for letting me capture your family.