Milk Bath Session – Calliope

All this cold weather has been dragging me down! I miss the sun so so much, so I decided to blog this little session from this summer with miss Calliope. This girl is so pudgy and I’m in love with pretty much every picture we got! This was my first time doing a milk bath and it was a lot of fun. Calliope’s Mama, Fiona, also added some special flowers that matched her wedding bouquet that just added to the cuteness. Hope you love these photos as much as I do!

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Woodstock New Brunswick Wedding – Nic and Kelsey

Nic and Kelsey’s wedding took place on Nic’s parents property on a beautiful Saturday in September. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and every minute of their day was perfect. The two exchanged their vows overlooking the river and spent the afternoon reconnecting with guests who had traveled across the country. There were constant laughs and smiles all around. I have never been to a wedding where I felt more at home. Nic and Kelsey, I hope you enjoy your happily ever after!

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Woodstock New Brunswick Family – The Hamills

Young Family Photos in Woodstock New Brunswick

Everything about this session was fun. Avery and Emy were full of energy and pizzazz, Anna and Nick were extremely patient with me letting their children goof around, and I loved every second of it. Our session was originally supposed to start by the Meaduxnekeag River, but it was so foggy! You could not even see 10 feet in front of you! We headed for higher ground and this field was just glowing. I love these images. This field was cut two or three days later and I’m glad we got lucky because it was just perfect.

I really do try to make family sessions fun and quick, so that the kids have the best time possible. Even when it seems that everything is going sideways, I PROMISE I will give you images of your kids, pizzazz and all, that you will love. Let me know what you think of these photos in the comments below!

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Woodstock New Brunswick Maternity – Hazel

Woodstock New Brunswick Maternity Session with Sunflowers

I love maternity sessions and my time with Hazel and her family was just the best. Hazel’s little girl is going to be born into a family full of love.

I always take the time to choose special spots for each session, so that I can promise good light and scenery. I am in love with the spots for this maternity session. Sometimes I think we forget just how beautiful New Brunswick is. Both of these locations are just minutes from town and are truly beautiful!

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Woodstock Fruit Bath – Maddox

Maddox 6 Month Woodstock Fruit Bath Session

How beautiful is this baby!? Maddox is 6 months old and what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous fruit bath session! He loved every second that he could chew on all the fruit and he was annoyed when it was time to be done. I love his little smirk behind the citrus 🙂

I am able to offer fruit bath sessions for babies who can sit on their own, get in touch with me if you are interested!


**Mom Jessica was just out of frame to make sure Maddox was safe and wouldn’t slip! Please don’t take these type of photos without someone to spot your baby and babies need to be strong enough to sit on their own!**

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Woodstock Family Portraits – Tisdale-Culberson Family

Generational Family Session in Woodstock New Brunswick

Big family sessions are quickly becoming a favourite of mine! I’m not going to lie, they are a lot of work. There are so many personalities and any session with kids is an adventure, but the results are so fun and worth it. I try really hard to include more formal shots and moments of just pure crazy so that you can really see everyone’s personality. I love that in the future, this family will be able to look back and remember how spunky the kids were, how crazy life was, and how much love they have for each other.

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Life Events – Asher 8 Months

I don’t even really know how to start this post. I’m going to try my hardest to do this justice.

Asher, you are an amazing little human. You are the funniest kid and you light up every room we go into. You are really into light fixtures and support poles right now, and you always take time to talk to all the artwork in the house. Walking is your number one goal right now and I feel like you will be running before you’re a year old! Anytime of the day we are eating food or drinking boob milk you are the happiest. You are a little bottomless pit, just like your father. You have officially doubled your birth weight though you are still long and skinny, but the chub lives in your cheeks and chin(s). You scrunch up your nose like your Grammy Parker used to and every time you do it my heart aches. Mommy was your first word, but you’ve long abandoned that to say dadadada constantly. I don’t mind though. Watching Top Gear with Daddy and getting puppy kisses are some of your favourite things. Naps are great usually but you still suck at night sleep. I’ve kinda got used to it though, but anytime you want to start sleeping longer I wouldn’t complain.

Sometimes it scares me how much your Daddy and I love you, it is an all encompassing type of love. I choose to love your Daddy every day, but I can’t help loving you. Your laugh and smile are infectious. I would move heaven and earth to make your world bright. I want to munch on your baby toes and your lint-filled belly button. I do things for you that I never thought I would, like get chewed on constantly or touch way more poop than I ever thought possible. You are special and wanted and bright. It still blows my mind that I created you with my body, in all of its flaws, and you are so perfect and just what we needed in our family.

Thank you for the last 8 months of your life. I hope we continue to cherish each minute, even the bad ones. I love you, Asher Dean.

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Woodstock Graduate – Charlie

Woodstock Graduate Photos with Charlie

Charlie is my husbands cousin and I was so excited when he asked me to take some grad portraits for him. When Craig and I started dating, Charlie was about 2 feet shorter and in the 5th grade (!) so it’s so neat to see him all grown up and getting ready to graduate. These are some informal portraits I took of him a few weeks ago, with a special appearance of his girlfriend, Julia (who is STUNNING.)

When I take portraits of people I try really hard to capture them as they are in the moment, I hope you get a little bit of Charlie when you look at these photos.

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Woodstock Graduate – Layla

Woodstock Graduate Portraits Layla

I had the privilege of meeting up with Layla last week to capture some images for her graduate portraits. First of all, this gal had me meet her in what can only be described as behind the backwoods of nowhere, but how gorgeous are these images? I thought at a couple points we were going to be carried off by mosquitoes, but looking at the photos now, it was so worth it.

Layla swore up and down that she had never modeled for photos before but I really don’t believe her, she made sense of all my wild hand gestures immediately.

Layla is also an accomplished musician and has played all over the province with a wide variety of talent. Once upon a time, she even came to me for fiddle lessons. She has far surpassed any fiddling skills I possess, with no surprise, and I would highly recommend making an effort to hear her play.

Good luck in all that you do Layla, and thanks for letting me capture these beautiful photos of you.
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Woodstock Portraits – Lora

Lora in the Lupins in Woodstock NB

Lora is my beautiful cousin and a couple weeks ago we decided to get together and create some images.

The first group of photos were taken in this gorgeous field of lupin flowers. I am so in love with this spot! The colours and light are just so vibrant and beautiful. The second group of photos are taken on one of the Meduxnekeag River trails and have a completely different feel. I shot those photos with the idea to play with light and shadow and I feel like they need their own moment. So keep an eye out for more with Lora!

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