Woodstock Lifestyle – Ellen and Sawyer

Most mothers I know don’t have a lot of photos with their children, myself included. Sure, there are the selfies snapped quickly here and there, but rarely do women have nice photos taken of them with their children. There are probably a lot of reasons why this is, but I’m not going to worry about that. Instead, I want to encourage every mom I know to have a nice photo taken with their child/spouse/dog semi regularly. You will be happy you have them, when those babies are suddenly growing faster than you realized possible!

Ellen and Sawyer met up with me near mother’s day in Woodstock for their session. There were snuggles and giggles and I LOVE every photo I delivered to them. There is something so special between a mother and son that you don’t really understand until you’re in that relationship. Hopefully these sweet photos inspire YOU to get in the picture!