Decoria Interiors Bedroom Redesign – Brightest Dawn Photography

I little while back I got to take some head shots of the beautiful and talented Melissa Totton for her to use with her interior design business. Business is in full swing now for Melissa and Decoria Interiors and I’m pretty excited that I get to photograph the results of all her hard work.

The following photos are of a bedroom that she designed for a younger client who was interested in having a bedroom with a ski lodge feel and I feel like she nailed it. The colour palette of this room was absolutely beautiful and so calming. Melissa included many custom pieces in this room, such as the headboard made from a packing crate and the curtain rod made from a birch tree branch. I love that she includes so many custom touches to make her designs really pop.

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A Christening – Woodstock Events Photography

I had the pleasure of filling in last minute at a christening just over a week ago. The Keenans were welcoming and let me into a special moment in Ella’s life. I love events of all sorts and this was no different – capturing expressions and experiences put me at a photo high for the next few days. If you have an event, like a baptismal, christening, or wedding that you would like to have a photographer for, please don’t hesitate at contacting me! : )

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O’Toole Gallery Opening – Woodstock Event Photography

The O’Toole Gallery opening took place during Midnight Madness and I decided that Craig and I should pop over and see what all was displayed. I’m actually really excited that there is now a place in our small town to view and purchase local art! If you would like to get more info on O’Toole Gallery and what they are all about, you can check them out Here

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Midnight Madness – Woodstock Events Photography

Every year the Town of Woodstock holds an evening of festivities titled “Midnight Madness”. Local business advertise fantastic deals that run until midnight, there are fireworks and hot chocolate, and everyone gathers downtown for the official lighting of the Christmas lights. It’s a bit of a Christmas celebration that, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to participate in while away at school these past three years. Obviously I was a little excited to be there this year!

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In Remembrance – Woodstock Events Photography

Every year I go to the Cenotaph with my family to honour and remember those who have fought and won our freedom, as well as those who continue to protect our country. In the past, I played with the Woodstock High School band and wasn’t able to enjoy the ceremony in the same way as I was concentrated on playing the musical program. My mind often wandered, thinking about the cold and wondering how much longer we would be out in it.

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Friday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

This is it. The final Halifax Jazz Festival Post. I would just like to say again that I had an absolute fantastic time and I’m so thankful for being given the opportunity to experience it through my camera lens. It was an event I will not soon forget and will probably miss sorely this time next year.

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Thursday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

This night was a little bit of a mix up. I was supposed to cover this event on Wednesday but there was a slight mix up and it was postponed until Thursday. Long story short, I ended up at Bearly’s House of Blues down on Barrington St. on Thursday night ready for almost anything!

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Tuesday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

The Halifax Jazz Festival is definitely getting a lot of love on my blog lately, but hey, who’s complaining?

Tuesday night was definitely a high energy night at the main Festival Tent, and for good reason. The two groups featured were full of flair and present their jazz and soul in a way that borrows from almost every type of music you can think of!

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Monday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

Monday was a super busy day for me with the Halifax Jazz Festival – at the main Festival Tent for the majority of the afternoon and back again that night for two more performers. When I was signing up to cover events, I just knew I had to be there for these performances!

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Monday Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of covering the Halifax Jazz Festival last week and I’ve finally grabbed a few minutes to blog about it.

One of the aspects of the school that I absolutely love is how many opportunities we get in the community. Each event covered is a major learning point in my career and I don’t think I’d be where I am today without those chances. I get to be exposed to numerous types of photography and challenging situations that really test my skill. It helps keep me fresh!

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