Decoria Interiors Bedroom Redesign – Brightest Dawn Photography

I little while back I got to take some head shots of the beautiful and talented Melissa Totton for her to use with her interior design business. Business is in full swing now for Melissa and Decoria Interiors and I’m pretty excited that I get to photograph the results of all her hard work.

The following photos are of a bedroom that she designed for a younger client who was interested in having a bedroom with a ski lodge feel and I feel like she nailed it. The colour palette of this room was absolutely beautiful and so calming. Melissa included many custom pieces in this room, such as the headboard made from a packing crate and the curtain rod made from a birch tree branch. I love that she includes so many custom touches to make her designs really pop.

Decoria Interiors is available for a multitude of services and if you feel like your space could use some updating I would highly recommend Melissa for her professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to her clients. You can find her on Facebook or by contacting her directly at  506-325-8011 or at [email protected]