Woodstock Maternity – Craig and Ebony are having a baby!

Craig and Ebony are having a baby!

Most people in my life now know that we are expecting our first baby and we are so excited!

We are expecting a little boy to join us sometime this month and I decided last week I should probably document my pregnancy before it’s over. I’ve had a really great pregnancy but I’m definitely ready to meet our little guy. Craig has been so fantastic this whole time and I can’t wait to see him become a daddy.

Taking your own photos is never easy, and I wholeheartedly suggest not trying this at home, but I’m so pleased with how these turned out and I hope you love them as much as we do!


P.S. I will still be taking commissions in 2018, so let’s talk!

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Tessa and Cody – Woodstock Portrait Photographer

Tessa and Cody - Woodstock Portrait Photographer

Tessa and Cody are a gorgeous couple who are not afraid to snuggle, or put up with my shenanigans! I love everything about this session: the light, the love, and the smiles. Continue reading “Tessa and Cody – Woodstock Portrait Photographer”

Abby and Daniel – Woodstock Maternity

Woodstock Maternity photos with Abby and Daniel

I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t normally do maternity or babies. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, but I think that my talents are better suited to weddings most of the time. That being said, when I spoke to Abby about having some maternity photos done, I was a little excited. Abby is a dear friend and I was so excited for her pregnancy. We got together a night last summer and made some beautiful maternity photos together! More than maternity photos, I love how the following images show how much Daniel and Abby are in love with each other and their growing family.
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Dean and Jennie – Woodstock Portraits

My Mom and Dad are two of the most awesome people I know. And you know what? There are way too few photos of the two of them. I decided to change that this summer. For Mother’s Day, I gifted my mother a portrait session with my Dad. I have never been so nervous for a session! We laughed and joked through the whole session and I will never forget that time together.

As I grow older I realize more and more how important it is to spend the time with the people who I love the most and I feel compelled to document that time together. I don’t often follow that compulsion, but this year I am going to try harder to document the beautiful people around me. This was the start of that with my parents, Dean and Jennie.

If you feel that your family needs to be documented, let me know. It is so important.

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A Snowy Session with the Jordans – Brightest Dawn Photography

I posted some photos last week from my very Ā Canadian themed session with the Jordans to glowing reviews. I must admit, those photos are some of my favourite to date just because the mood fit this couple so well.

I couldn’t, however, just leave them with their ultra Canadian shots, so we also took the time to take some “regular” portraits. There is still lots of warm Canadian feelings to go around in these (hello, plaid!) but toned down just a wee bit. These two are so in love and spew happiness at regular intervals. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

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A Snowy Fun-Filled Canadian Session – Woodstock Couples Photography

I had decided to do a very “Canadian” themed shoot with my good friends Jordan and Jord for numerous reasons.

1). It is the dead of winter and Canadians are kinda in touch with the snow – #WeAreWinter being a mantra of the twitterverse this Olympic season. 2). The men’s gold metal hockey game just happened to be taking place the same day, at 8 a.m. I never thought I would be waking up at 8, on a Sunday, to watch a hockey game. But by golly, Craig, Isis, and myself were up bright and early, having mini heart attacks over the action. 3). Jordan and Jordan are kinda -really- winter people, taking up sports like hockey and snowboarding as if it runs in their veins. When I decided to try this I couldn’t think of a couple better suited to enjoy the snow with me. 4). I rarely do themed shoots, and I figured “why the heck not”?!

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Tom & Cheyenne – Woodstock Couples Photography

I met up with Tom and Chey over the weekend to grab some photos of them, along with their sweet fur-baby, Daisy. Let me start by saying that I love Tom and Chey SO much and I have been itching to get them in front of my lens for just about as long as I’ve shooting. I knew that when we got together I wanted to do something a little bit different than in my normal sessions, so we went to a brand new location that I’ve never shot before (and I LOVE by the way – I’m already planning more for that spot) and I spent a little bit more time posing them than I normally would with a client. It felt a little weird to shoot that way, but I am SO pleased with the images that we created. I especially love that, even though the posing was a little more structured than I normally prefer to shoot, Tom and Cheyenne’s love and admiration for one another clearly shows through, as well, of course, their shared love for Daisy! I hope you see what I mean =).

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Joe & Rachel – Woodstock Couples Photography

I had the opportunity to get together with Joe and Rach a couple weeks ago and I can say I absolutely loved it. It had to be at least -25 out that day, but Joe and Rach were ready to combat the cold with some cuddling (and frequent trips to the car to warm up). Playfulness in a couple is admirable quality, in my humble opinion, so I was stoked that they both agreed to treck out into two-foot deep snow, then pick it up in un-mittened hands, and proceed to throw it at each other. šŸ˜› A couple days later we got together at Joe’s parents home and we had a few quick minutes in front of a cozy and beautiful fireplace. Love the cuddles!

Thanks Joe and Rach for spending a cold day full of laughs with me!

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Keaton & Drew – Woodstock Couples Photography

Craig and I took our annual trip up to the Old Home Week fair grounds earlier this summer, solely to buy curly fries from the vendor just inside the entrance and happily bumped into Keaton and Drew, who were also in the line up for fries. We exchanged greetings and weather comments before photography came up. Drew wanted to have some portraits taken of her and Keaton, so we made tentative plans to get together once I had finished school.

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Ashley & Eric – Halifax Couples Photography

I was so fortunate to take some photos for Ashley and Eric a few days back. They took me to the beautiful Martinique Beach in Nova Scotia on a gorgeous day and they made my day soo easy.

Eric and Ashley have been together for just over a year and they are the best of friends. It was apparent that they were close as we chatted on the drive and they played in the sand together once we arrived. They shared laughs and kisses and smiles and jokes while I happily snapped away. I love couples that are in love!

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