Ashley & Eric – Halifax Couples Photography

I was so fortunate to take some photos for Ashley and Eric a few days back. They took me to the beautiful Martinique Beach in Nova Scotia on a gorgeous day and they made my day soo easy.

Eric and Ashley have been together for just over a year and they are the best of friends. It was apparent that they were close as we chatted on the drive and they played in the sand together once we arrived. They shared laughs and kisses and smiles and jokes while I happily snapped away. I love couples that are in love!

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Helen & Malcolm – Woodstock Couples Photography

I’m finally done school! This past year has been super crazy and rewarding and frustrating all at once. I wish I could describe the roller coaster of a year, but I have a feeling it would take a bit more time and space than I would like it to. I now have the skills and knowledge and the experience to begin to succeed in photography and I’m excited to show everyone around me what I’m going to be able to do and where I will end up.

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The Barnard Family – Woodstock Family Photography

I have known the Barnards for quite some time now. Abigail was more like a sister to me growing up and we spent many long hours at my parents business talking and laughing together. Now she’s the wife of Andrew and the mother to Landon, Layla and Micaiah and they are a stunningly beautiful and fun family!

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Grad Sessions

Hello all!

Just wanted to post a quick little post to let you all know that I am starting to book grad portrait sessions. Graduation is a huge accomplishment and what better way to remember that special time than with professional portraits!

I love grad sessions – they’re a great way to show off the personality and interests of each teen as they move forward in their life. If you’re interested in booking a session, please contact me through the contact page of my website, by phone (506.324.0884) or email ([email protected]). I look forward to hearing from you!

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Haynes Family – Woodstock Family Photography

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my final portfolios over the past few weeks and I am so excited to start sharing the images!

I am a huge family person. I love family dynamics and all the fun and laughter and challenges that come from being part of a family. I had the chance to photograph my Aunt Penny and her daughter Sierra for my final portfolio on a beautiful summer evening in the field beside their home. Obviously, I’m kind of biased, but I think that these women are two of the most beautiful women, inside and out, in the world.

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Carly & Shaun – Halifax Couples Photography

It makes me so sad when I speak to people and they tell me that they’ve never had professional photos done with their family/significant other/children etc. Carly and I go to school together and we were talking the other day about how her and her boyfriend Shaun have never had pictures done together and as they’re moving to Alberta in just a few short hours, we decided to get together for a quick session.

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Broken Tinman – Halifax Portrait Photography

As I said in a previous post, one great thing about the Centre for Arts and Technology is the ease with which we’re all able to network and find like-minded individuals to help with projects. Adonica and I share a class and as she helped out by donating her family for my final project, I was super excited when she asked if I could do some band portraits for her!

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Salter Family – Halifax Family Photography

I’ve been working so hard lately that I haven’t had the chance to blog any previews of what I’ve been up to! This is my last semester at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Halifax and now that I’m in the final stretch (only 3 and a half short weeks left), I’m finally able to start showing what I’ve been working on for my final portfolios. This semester I’ve had to work on two separate bodies of work that I can use to show potential clients what I’m able to do and I picked Weddings and Families. My wedding one is still being kept secret (I promise for only a little while longer) but I’m going to start sharing with you now some of the amazing families I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

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Friday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

This is it. The final Halifax Jazz Festival Post. I would just like to say again that I had an absolute fantastic time and I’m so thankful for being given the opportunity to experience it through my camera lens. It was an event I will not soon forget and will probably miss sorely this time next year.

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Thursday Night Jazz – Halifax Events Photography

This night was a little bit of a mix up. I was supposed to cover this event on Wednesday but there was a slight mix up and it was postponed until Thursday. Long story short, I ended up at Bearly’s House of Blues down on Barrington St. on Thursday night ready for almost anything!

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