Resolutions – Brightest Dawn Photography

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would like to accomplish this year. I normally think resolutions are silly, and when I mentioned them to Craig he scoffed, but I think there is some merit in planning to become better, even if you fall a little short. So, here are some things I intend to work on this year so I can be better for me, and provide a better experience, product, and service for you.

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A Snowy Fun-Filled Canadian Session – Woodstock Couples Photography

I had decided to do a very “Canadian” themed shoot with my good friends Jordan and Jord for numerous reasons.

1). It is the dead of winter and Canadians are kinda in touch with the snow – #WeAreWinter being a mantra of the twitterverse this Olympic season. 2). The men’s gold metal hockey game just happened to be taking place the same day, at 8 a.m. I never thought I would be waking up at 8, on a Sunday, to watch a hockey game. But by golly, Craig, Isis, and myself were up bright and early, having mini heart attacks over the action. 3). Jordan and Jordan are kinda -really- winter people, taking up sports like hockey and snowboarding as if it runs in their veins. When I decided to try this I couldn’t think of a couple better suited to enjoy the snow with me. 4). I rarely do themed shoots, and I figured “why the heck not”?!

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Meet Isis – Brightest Dawn Photography

I just want to take a quick second to introduce you all to our new puppy(baby), Isis.

I had made up my mind that I really wanted a kitten for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Kittens are easy to come by and I needed someone to talk to during the day so I figured that would be the best solution. The only problem is my dear loving husband hates cats, like, goes out of his way to walk 5 feet around any cat that comes within walking distance kind of hate. He, naturally, wasn’t pleased with the idea.

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2013 Year in Review – Brightest Dawn Photography

2013 was a huge year, both personally and for my business, and I would like to take a couple minutes to just recap on everything that happened this year.

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One for the girls – Brightest Dawn Photography

I met up with these girls on a very chilly October day for a little photo fun. Mallory is getting ready to move all the way to Seattle, so Caroline and Katie decided to throw her a “going away” session. Regardless of the why, I had a lot of fun with these beautiful girls and I’m thinking they enjoyed it as well, even though fingers and noses went numb!

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Tom & Cheyenne – Woodstock Couples Photography

I met up with Tom and Chey over the weekend to grab some photos of them, along with their sweet fur-baby, Daisy. Let me start by saying that I love Tom and Chey SO much and I have been itching to get them in front of my lens for just about as long as I’ve shooting. I knew that when we got together I wanted to do something a little bit different than in my normal sessions, so we went to a brand new location that I’ve never shot before (and I LOVE by the way – I’m already planning more for that spot) and I spent a little bit more time posing them than I normally would with a client. It felt a little weird to shoot that way, but I am SO pleased with the images that we created. I especially love that, even though the posing was a little more structured than I normally prefer to shoot, Tom and Cheyenne’s love and admiration for one another clearly shows through, as well, of course, their shared love for Daisy! I hope you see what I mean =).

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Courtney, Gaia, & Cuervo – Woodstock Portrait Photography

I got to spend some time with Courtney and her pups a week or so ago. I had a momentary lapse of memory as I didn’t seem to realize how fast and how excited puppies can be, but thankfully, we managed to tire them out…eventually =P. Gaia, the older of the two, was obedient and sweet, cocking her head to the side each time Courtney asked her if she’d like to get in the car. Cuervo was a little ball of energy that kept me on my toes. Both made me realize how bad I want a puppy (which, once again, I begged Craig for after my session ended), but that’s besides the point, so, here are some photos to look at instead. =)

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The Ross Family – Woodstock Family Portraits

I had the chance over Thanksgiving weekend to get together with the Ross family and provide them with some long over-due family portraits. We threw leaves, belly-laughed, discussed T-rex’s and pokemon, and generally had a grand ole’ time. My favourite part of sessions like this is to be able to deliver photos that show how much fun we had. : )

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Jordan..Squared? Cubed? Twice? – Brightest Dawn Photography

I love these two crazy kids. And I love having them in front of my camera. Jordan and Jordan (yeah, try having a conversation with them both there in a restaurant) compliment each other perfectly. Both love Tim Hortons, game nights, Hockey, country music and spending time cuddling in each other arms.

I was pumped I finally got them in front of my camera after nearly a year of them dating.  We braved the giant bugs that threatened to carry us away and had some fun in the process.

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Exploring Art – Brightest Dawn Photography

My mom, Jennie, likes to paint. She always has had a flair for the artistic but due to numerous reasons, she hasn’t been able to pursue her art. That is, until now.

She began taking lessons when I was in school. I will never forget the phone conversation we had the day after her first class. “I just can’t do it. I am terrible.” Roles were reversed as I told her to suck it up and stick with it, just like she made me do with piano lessons when I was 7 and hated my life. I’m so glad she did stick with it as her skill is growing more and more each lesson.

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