Fredericton Engagement – Ashley and Dathan

I went to high school with Dathan and he lived with my husband while they attended college. Ashley came along a little later and now suddenly, Ashley and Dathan are engaged! Time moves so fast, it’s kind of weird.

I was so excited when Ashley asked me if I would do their engagement photos. We picked a date and of course, in true East Coast fashion, there was a snowstorm. It took me nearly two hours to drive to Fredericton, but it was worth it!

We spent a little time in their apartment where they spend most of their time together reading and hanging out with their two cats. They have their own library, and speaking as someone with their own home library, I think everyone should have one! Every time I take a photo in a library, it’s magical.

Then, we ventured outside, hoping to grab some magical snowy pictures. While we were out we also helped a gentleman down the road dig out his car. The only thing that could have made it more Canadian I think would have been if a moose had delivered Tim Horton’s to us.

Ashley and Dathan, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture your love. I had such a great time (the cookies were AMAZING) and I actually cannot wait for your wedding day! I had the hardest time narrowing down which photos to share, let me know what you think!

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Woodstock Engagement – Rachel and Bryan

Rachel and Bryan have the sweetest engagement story that involves a scavenger hunt full of clues, this gorgeous private waterfall, and a puzzle box handmade by Bryan. I was over the moon excited when they asked me to document their love and I’m so glad we got to incorporate some of their story right into the photographs. I cannot wait to watch them become man and wife!

Engagement photos are included with every wedding that I book for a couple of reasons. First, it’s honestly just easier to include them into your fee and second, it is so important for me to meet my couples ahead of time! Believe it or not, but your wedding photographer is the only person who will spend your entire wedding day beside you other than your future spouse. I will be there for the laughs and tears, and it’s so much easier for couples to be relaxed when their photographer isn’t a stranger. Plus, many of the poses or prompts I give couples will feel familiar, which makes grabbing wedding photos more efficient and less stressful for everyone involved. Make sure to touch base with your photographer about engagement photos, I promise you will not regret getting them!

Without further interruption, here are some of my favourites from my time with Rachel and Bryan.

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Woodstock Engagement Portraits – Nic + Kelsey

Nic and Kelsey Engagement Photos on the Meduxnekeag Trail

Nic and Kelsey are getting married in September and we met up recently to grab some engagement photos. I’ve known Nic since high school and I feel like Kelsey is his perfect match. They are effortless together. We had such a great time, even though we accidentally had to do some hiking on the Meduxnekeag Trail. Note to self, don’t go off trail in search of the perfect bridge no matter how pretty it looks!

I love the images we created together and I hope their love for one another is evident in what I’ve shared. I can’t wait to meet up with these two again in the fall!

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Woodstock Engagement – Brooke and Ben

Woodstock Winter Engagement with Ben and Brooke

Brooke and Ben are getting married ONE MONTH FROM TODAY.

I met with this awesome couple earlier this year for their engagement photos. It was beautiful and snowy, just like Brooke imagined. Brooke and Ben are so funny and sweet together and I have been looking forward to their wedding day all year! Here are a couple shots from their winter engagement session!

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Woodstock Engagement Portraits – Robert and Kelly

Woodstock NB Engagement Portraits - Robert and Kelly

Robert and Kelly got together one beautiful night this summer with me to grab these engagement photos. I have so many favourites in this set, choosing which to share was difficult! Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Continue reading “Woodstock Engagement Portraits – Robert and Kelly”

Michaela and Caleb – A Woodstock Engagement

An engagement in Woodstock with Michaela and Caleb

I spent some time taking some engagement photos with Michaela and Caleb, and their sweet puppy Pongo, on a beautiful evening in Woodstock. They have been engaged for a while and I’m so glad I could give them some updated photos. We had a great time and they are super cute! Just look at those sweet face smooshes!

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Matt & Sue – Woodstock Engagement Photography

I just love taking pictures of couples, it quite literally gives me the “warm and fuzzy feeling”.

I took a few engagement photos of Matt and Sue a few weeks ago during a very snowy day in Woodstock, New Brunswick. If you’ve never been to N.B. there is one thing you must know – when it snows, it snows hard. Even though it snowed and was cold I still really enjoyed spending some time with them. We all piled into Matt’s truck and while he enjoyed scouting a location (which involved some interesting driving techniques), Sue and I discussed their wedding plans. They are, as a couple, completely perfect for one another and their affection is easy to spot!

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