Carleton North Graduate – Taylor

Taylor stepped out of her car for her session and I knew immediately we were going to have a great time. She was funny, sweet, and had just found out she had been accepted to her university of choice! I love the images we made together and I just know she will excel at whatever life throws at her. Congratulations, Taylor!

Woodstock Newborn Lifestyle Photography – Drew

At Home Newborn Lifestyle Photos of Drew

Drew, you have it made, buddy. You have the sweetest, loving parents who would do anything for you. You have a beautiful space to learn and grow in. You were made for special things. I’m so glad I got to meet you.

You may remember seeing photos of Robert and Kelly before (you can view them HERE or HERE). I love return clients, and I love when return clients bring babies with them! Drew is the sweetest thing and I hope you can see all the love and joy he brings to his parents lives in these photos.

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Punta Cana Destination Wedding – Caleb and Michaela

A Destination Punta Cana Wedding with Caleb and Michaela

I’ve said it before, I will say it again: I am HORRIBLE at blogging. So horrible, in fact, that I shot a beautiful destination wedding in Punta Cana over a YEAR AGO and am just now blogging about it. Crazy, am I right? Remember Caleb and Michaela’s beautiful engagement session? This is their wedding that nobody knew about. This wedding wins for fastest ceremony at 15 total minutes, including portraits. To say the experience was a rush is a bit of an understatement! Bonus points to this couple for getting up at the crack of dawn the next morning for photos on the beach – some of these shots are so beautiful I can’t even believe we had a chance to capture them! Hope you enjoy this very belated post as much as I do.

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Amanda and Matt – A Hide Away Lodge Wedding

A little over a week ago I got to photograph the wedding of Amanda and Matt, a sweet couple from Ontario. They came to celebrate with their (huge!) families at the Hide Away Lodge at North Lake. We had a great day, that ran a little behind, but everything came together perfectly in the end. I can’t begin to thank them enough for having me along for one of the biggest days in their lives. I know that they are -dying- to see these photos, so without further interruption, here is a sneak peek of the best moments from their day!

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Family Vacation 2014 – Brightest Dawn Photography

A couple weeks back, Craig and I spontaneously decided to take a 3 day trip to Fundy National Park for a quick vacation before summer really got busy. We filled the cooler, stuffed the car full, coaxed Isis into the back seat and took off! We had a great time – here are a couple snapshots of our time spent there.

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A Scott Family BBQ – Brightest Dawn Photography

I really am so blessed to have two wonderful families, one of which gathered together a couple of days ago for a BBQ and catch up. Good times – lots of doggy drool and cuddles, shots out of plastic cups, olives and pickled onions, and figuring out who is taller than whom.

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First Film Results – Brightest Dawn Photography

I little while back I posted about how I wanted to give film a try. Well, I did and I just had my very first roll developed! I was never so nervous and excited to see pictures that I had taken before. There really is something magical and beautiful about film. I definitely think this is something I want to do more with and I hope you will all follow me along on this journey. The camera that I used is quite old and adds some light leaking into the photos and I definitely need to clean up some of my lenses but I’m excited with what I see so far. I’ve got another roll of a different stock all loaded up and ready to go so expect more!  Here are some samples, straight out of camera!

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Decoria Interiors Bedroom Redesign – Brightest Dawn Photography

I little while back I got to take some head shots of the beautiful and talented Melissa Totton for her to use with her interior design business. Business is in full swing now for Melissa and Decoria Interiors and I’m pretty excited that I get to photograph the results of all her hard work.

The following photos are of a bedroom that she designed for a younger client who was interested in having a bedroom with a ski lodge feel and I feel like she nailed it. The colour palette of this room was absolutely beautiful and so calming. Melissa included many custom pieces in this room, such as the headboard made from a packing crate and the curtain rod made from a birch tree branch. I love that she includes so many custom touches to make her designs really pop.

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A Snowy Session with the Jordans – Brightest Dawn Photography

I posted some photos last week from my very  Canadian themed session with the Jordans to glowing reviews. I must admit, those photos are some of my favourite to date just because the mood fit this couple so well.

I couldn’t, however, just leave them with their ultra Canadian shots, so we also took the time to take some “regular” portraits. There is still lots of warm Canadian feelings to go around in these (hello, plaid!) but toned down just a wee bit. These two are so in love and spew happiness at regular intervals. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

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