Life Events – Asher 8 Months

I don’t even really know how to start this post. I’m going to try my hardest to do this justice.

Asher, you are an amazing little human. You are the funniest kid and you light up every room we go into. You are really into light fixtures and support poles right now, and you always take time to talk to all the artwork in the house. Walking is your number one goal right now and I feel like you will be running before you’re a year old! Anytime of the day we are eating food or drinking boob milk you are the happiest. You are a little bottomless pit, just like your father. You have officially doubled your birth weight though you are still long and skinny, but the chub lives in your cheeks and chin(s). You scrunch up your nose like your Grammy Parker used to and every time you do it my heart aches. Mommy was your first word, but you’ve long abandoned that to say dadadada constantly. I don’t mind though. Watching Top Gear with Daddy and getting puppy kisses are some of your favourite things. Naps are great usually but you still suck at night sleep. I’ve kinda got used to it though, but anytime you want to start sleeping longer I wouldn’t complain.

Sometimes it scares me how much your Daddy and I love you, it is an all encompassing type of love. I choose to love your Daddy every day, but I can’t help loving you. Your laugh and smile are infectious. I would move heaven and earth to make your world bright. I want to munch on your baby toes and your lint-filled belly button. I do things for you that I never thought I would, like get chewed on constantly or touch way more poop than I ever thought possible. You are special and wanted and bright. It still blows my mind that I created you with my body, in all of its flaws, and you are so perfect and just what we needed in our family.

Thank you for the last 8 months of your life. I hope we continue to cherish each minute, even the bad ones. I love you, Asher Dean.

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Life Events – Asher update

Asher Dean Real Life Moments

Asher is now 5 months old (almost 6!!!) and is such a funny, bright, sensitive, and inquisitive creature. He laughs sparingly, but always has a jolly grin. He still enjoys a good bounce on the exercise ball with Daddy. He LOVES the outdoors, he will go from wailing to complete awe as soon as we walk outside. He is so friendly to everyone we meet and is deceivingly content when in public. He still hates naps and night sleep because I think he fears he will miss something amazing. He is all ours. We love him so much more every day.

Here are a couple favourites from months 2-5.

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Life Events – Asher

Asher Dean at two weeks old

As many of you know, Craig and I welcomed our little boy, Asher Dean Scott, into the world on December 24th at 6:31 a.m. weighing nearly 8lbs. I think our lives changed in an instant. Asher is perfect from head to toe, and full of adorable little quirks and personality already. We are so excited we are his parents in this life! These photos are Asher at two weeks home and I just love every frame. I’m setting a personal goal to document our family more each day, I will share as often as I can so keep watching. Continue reading “Life Events – Asher”

Woodstock Maternity – Craig and Ebony are having a baby!

Craig and Ebony are having a baby!

Most people in my life now know that we are expecting our first baby and we are so excited!

We are expecting a little boy to join us sometime this month and I decided last week I should probably document my pregnancy before it’s over. I’ve had a really great pregnancy but I’m definitely ready to meet our little guy. Craig has been so fantastic this whole time and I can’t wait to see him become a daddy.

Taking your own photos is never easy, and I wholeheartedly suggest not trying this at home, but I’m so pleased with how these turned out and I hope you love them as much as we do!


P.S. I will still be taking commissions in 2018, so let’s talk!

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Family Vacation 2014 – Brightest Dawn Photography

A couple weeks back, Craig and I spontaneously decided to take a 3 day trip to Fundy National Park for a quick vacation before summer really got busy. We filled the cooler, stuffed the car full, coaxed Isis into the back seat and took off! We had a great time – here are a couple snapshots of our time spent there.

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A Scott Family BBQ – Brightest Dawn Photography

I really am so blessed to have two wonderful families, one of which gathered together a couple of days ago for a BBQ and catch up. Good times – lots of doggy drool and cuddles, shots out of plastic cups, olives and pickled onions, and figuring out who is taller than whom.

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First Film Results – Brightest Dawn Photography

I little while back I posted about how I wanted to give film a try. Well, I did and I just had my very first roll developed! I was never so nervous and excited to see pictures that I had taken before. There really is something magical and beautiful about film. I definitely think this is something I want to do more with and I hope you will all follow me along on this journey. The camera that I used is quite old and adds some light leaking into the photos and I definitely need to clean up some of my lenses but I’m excited with what I see so far. I’ve got another roll of a different stock all loaded up and ready to go so expect more!  Here are some samples, straight out of camera!

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Resolutions – Brightest Dawn Photography

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I would like to accomplish this year. I normally think resolutions are silly, and when I mentioned them to Craig he scoffed, but I think there is some merit in planning to become better, even if you fall a little short. So, here are some things I intend to work on this year so I can be better for me, and provide a better experience, product, and service for you.

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Exploring Art – Brightest Dawn Photography

My mom, Jennie, likes to paint. She always has had a flair for the artistic but due to numerous reasons, she hasn’t been able to pursue her art. That is, until now.

She began taking lessons when I was in school. I will never forget the phone conversation we had the day after her first class. “I just can’t do it. I am terrible.” Roles were reversed as I told her to suck it up and stick with it, just like she made me do with piano lessons when I was 7 and hated my life. I’m so glad she did stick with it as her skill is growing more and more each lesson.

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Thankful – Brightest Dawn Photography

Sometimes it only takes a tiny little thing to remind you how lucky you are. I’m so thankful for these reminders that come just when I feel down.

I’m so lucky to have Grandparents who grow delicious, nourishing food that they graciously share with us. Craig and I have been blessed with fresh veggies all summer, everything from potatoes to squash to beets. I was reminded again how fortunate we are to have that after visiting with my Grandfather and him telling me a story about how he recently met a young family who was down on their luck and looking for bottles to exchange. Instead of just giving them bottles, they provided this family with a bag of onions and a pile of corn – how excited and thankful they were to my Grandparents for sharing something so simple that I sometimes take for granted.

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