The Very First Post – Brightest Dawn Photography

Hello everyone!

I can barely type this I’m so excited, but I think I can manage. The reason why I’m excited? After a lot of hard work, determination, late nights, and lots of design talk, my website, this website, is FINALLY finished!!!! It’s phenomenal. I really hope you all love it as much as I do. I’m going to do my best to keep the images as updated as possible and hopefully in the future we’ll have a little bit bigger portfolio for you to look through, but hey, we have lots of time to work on that!

I am appalled that I neglected my blogspot blog for over a month – but, I guess that proves how busy I was last semester. At the end of each semester there is always a whirlwind of activity, trying to finish everything on time but still have beautiful work to show for it. Thankfully, this semester is a little lighter, which should result in more personal work and more blogs to show it off! Back to last semester for a minute, I figure I should share my final portfolio with you considering this post would look pretty bland without it.

I decided to limit myself greatly this time: use the same light set up, the same processing, and the same crop on all my images, in an effort to really focus on what I was shooting, in this case, my beautiful family. I was pleased with the results and I think I managed to pull their personalities out fairly well, but there are always improvements I would love to make if I could do it again. Here are 4 out of 12 to give you a feel for what I mean (you can see my Flickr page for more :))

Well, that’s all I’ll leave you with today. I will say that if you know a family or you are a part of a family who would be interested in getting photos done like this (as well as some “regular” portraits) I would love to shoot them for you! Contact me on the contact page or check the bottom of this page and there are numerous other ways to get a hold of me. 🙂